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Piled Raft Foundations


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right foundation for your project, and piled rafts are often the most economical solution for domestic extensions and new builds when piled foundations are required.


We offer a bespoke raft foundation package from design through to installation. Our team can help you decide if a piled raft foundation is the right option for you. The benefits include:


Less spoil when compared to other traditional options, reducing the cost of muck away and limiting any issues with removal - especially useful of sites with restricted access.


By combining the foundation and floor slab, piled rafts replace the need for either traditionally excavated foundations or pile and beam with the associated flooring so that you can build directly off of what we provide.


Our piled rafts can be designed with a cellular void former to the underside which reduces the pressure exerted on the foundation caused by expansion of clay soils (clay heave) which is especially advisable in ground conditions that involve tree roots.


This system also enables us to move piles within the slab area to avoid obstructions if needed, thus saving on time and cost.


We understand that finding a specialist engineer who's right for your project can be difficult along with the risks and costs accociated with the management and integration of specialist sub-contractors, which is why we offer a full foundation design and installation package. 


Our in house engineers work closely with architects, local authorities, builders, and private clients at all times to ensure the right design and cost efficient method to carry out their projects. 


If you would like to request a quote, or find out more about piling for your project, please call us now on 07751 661682 to speak to a member of our team directly or use the contact form below.

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