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Local Mini Piling Company for Domestic Extensions, New Builds & Basements


We are local mini piling contractors that offer piling solutions for domestic projects in and around the London area, including piles for extensions, new builds, retaining works and restricted access sites.


Piling London ® offers a full service from concept through to implementation and can install all types of mini pile necessary for the ground conditions encountered throughout London and the South East of England. Our services include:


  • Piling on Sites With Limited Access

  • Piled Raft Foundations

  • Ground Beams and Pile Caps

  • Contiguous Piling for Basements

  • Temporary and Permanent Retaining Walls

  • Reinforced Concrete Works


Our commitment to delivering high quality solutions with the safest and most cost effective means, along with over 30 years of experience carrying out ground works on sites with restricted access, allows us to be the preferred mini piling contractors of choice for piling and retaining works in and around the London area.


We work closely with architects, local authorities, builders, and private clients to ensure the most cost efficient methods are used to carry out their projects. 

Our Mini Piling equipment is particularly suited to working inside and around domestic properties and in low headroom or tight access areas.



If you would like to request a quote or discuss your project with a member of our team please telephone 07508765888 or use the contact form below.


Mini Piling is a method of creating a foundation for a structure in almost any ground type. By creating steel-reinforced concrete columns, it is an ideal method for works in unstable ground and for foundation works adjacent to trees.


Mini Piles, or micro piles, typically range in size from 100mm - 350mm in diameter and are often employed when piling is required on domestic projects or in areas with limited access, such as piling for houses, extensions, basements and garden offices.

Concrete piles have been used for large structures since the 20th century, but thanks to progress in the development of specialist machinery and an increased awareness of environmental impact and cost, piling has become a viable option for works on smaller developments and residential properties within the last 30 years. Piling may be the most efficient solution for your project if:


  • Trenches would be a costly and unstable option.

  • You are building on soils likely to shift regularly due to shrinkable clay.

  • There is limited space or access on site.

  • The removal costs for excavated materials is high.

  • Groundwater is likely to be encountered.

To find out more about piling for your project please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Guide to Mini Piling

We specialise in domestic projects and believe that every care should be taken to ensure disturbances to homeowners and surrounding structures is kept to the bare minimum.


Thanks to our location in the heart of the city and our efficient mobilization system we are able to cover all areas of London effectively and without delay.

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